Fine Woodworking

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Manufacturer: Taunton Press
NumberOfIssues: 7
ProductTypeName: MAGAZINES
Publisher: Taunton Press
Studio: Taunton Press
SubscriptionLength: 365
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Product Description

The magazine for savvy woodworkers--from aspiring beginners to accomplished craftsmen. Contain stimulating design ideas, techniques and projects, ingenious tips and jigs, and great product reviews. Review

Fine Woodworking Magazine is a great resource for woodworkers of all levels. This magazine is packed with step-by-step instructions and real-world information on constructing fascinating projects. From small woodworking projects to significant tasks, expect the most up-to-date and seasoned advice from professionals currently working in the field.

Fine Woodworking Magazine showcases the work and techniques of woodworkers from all over the country. This magazine is full of close-ups, photographs, diagrams, and plans to ensure you can easily emulate each step and create your next work of art. When you subscribe to Fine Woodworking Magazine, you also gain access to digital editions on iTunes, so you have expert tips right at your fingertips.

Fine Woodworking Magazine features secrets of the trade that you will not find anywhere else. The featured professional woodworkers know the tricks of the trade and offer insider insights and shortcuts. The articles are designed to engage and challenge expert woodworkers while increasing the skill of novice woodworkers. A subscription to Fine Woodworking Magazine will allow you to impress your family and friends with your latest wood creations and increase your skill as a woodworker. You will gain expert knowledge, advice, and techniques with each project. Fine Woodworking magazine also offers honest and realistic product and tool reviews, so you can purchase the right supplies for your hard-earned money.

Subscribing to Fine Woodworking Magazine brings great woodworking project ideas to your home while increasing your woodworking skills and keeping you in the loop on current trends and the latest expert techniques. It is chock-full of big and small ideas for your next project.

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