Sales Rank: 199 (Magazine)
Binding: Print Magazine
Brand: NIKE
Format: Magazine Subscription
IssuesPerYear: 6
Label: Bauer Publishing
MagazineType: Trade magazine
Manufacturer: Bauer Publishing
NumberOfIssues: 6
ProductTypeName: MAGAZINES
Publisher: Bauer Publishing
Studio: Bauer Publishing
SubscriptionLength: 365
Price: $14.97

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Product Description

J-14 stands for Just For Teens. An exciting, interesting teen magazine for girls. Features articles, celebrity interviews with pictures, movies and TV show reviews and the latest fashion.

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For all the teen celebrity news that's hot enough to print, turn to J-14 Magazine. Launched in 2001, J-14 Magazine has grown to a circulation of over six hundred thousand. In addition to teen celebrity news and interviews, the magazine features fashion and beauty articles, fun quizzes, and posters of your teen's favorite stars.

Whether your teenager is into One Direction, Justin Bieber, or The Wizards of Waverly Place, J-14 Magazine has it all. In-depth interviews with the hottest stars await her in each edition. Posters of her favorite heartthrobs, fashion advice from the stars she looks up to, and reader stories will keep her entertained month after month. The human-interest stories included in each edition showcase other teens making a difference in their communities and the world.

Beauty trends and quizzes help her explore her style and personality, while hilarious articles like Embarrassing Moments will help her connect with other kids her age. Interviews from the sets of her favorite movies and television shows, along with backstage access to her favorite musical acts, are sure to have her running to the mailbox each month looking for the next issue.

J-14 Magazine makes a great gift for the young girl in your life, featuring age-appropriate content with a fun, edgy layout. Published by Bauer Media Group, J-14 Magazine is part of a family of international media that bring the best of celebrity news, fashion, music, and television to print and on the small screen.

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