Sales Rank: 119 (Magazine)
Author: Various
Binding: Print Magazine
Brand: Dwell Media, LLC
Feature: 1 year (10 issues)
Format: Magazine Subscription
Format: Print
IssuesPerYear: 6
Label: Dwell Media, LLC
MagazineType: Consumer magazine
Manufacturer: Dwell Media, LLC
NumberOfIssues: 6
PartNumber: SUB-US
ProductTypeName: MAGAZINES
Publisher: Dwell Media, LLC
Studio: Dwell Media, LLC
SubscriptionLength: 365
Price: $19.95

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Product Description

Dwell is the first and only magazine to explore both the interiors and the exteriors of modern home design in a stylish, yet accessible way. With focus on a new modernistic approach to home design that offers identity, creativity and harmony.

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While many design magazines are geared toward professional designers who work with high-budget clients, Dwell magazine is an interior design publication for people of all budgets and lifestyles. With a focus on modern styling, Dwell keeps up with current trends to help you satisfy your inner designer.

Each issue of Dwell magazine is themed, so one month's issue might help you make the most of a spare bedroom in your home, while the next month could focus on how to create a Southwest-inspired theme with a modern twist. The magazine's marketplace section is great for tracking down specific pieces that catch your eye in the magazine, or you can get creative and find similar options through local resources.

With content that is as beautiful as it is useful, Dwell magazine is great reading material to keep on your coffee table or in your office common area. Brilliantly colored photos perfectly complement the written content and will inspire you the next time you get the urge to update your home. Not only does Dwell spark ideas, but it also explains in detail how to achieve the looks shown in its beautiful illustrations.

Whether you want eye candy to feast upon during your downtime, or you need some serious design inspiration, Dwell magazine will give you what you're looking for at an affordable price. You'll find well-rounded content written by professional designers packed within the covers of each themed issue.

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