Sales Rank: 41 (Magazine)
Binding: Print Magazine
Brand: Entrepreneur Media Inc
Format: Magazine Subscription
IssuesPerYear: 10
Label: Entrepreneur Media Inc
MagazineType: Trade magazine
Manufacturer: Entrepreneur Media Inc
NumberOfIssues: 10
ProductTypeName: MAGAZINES
Publisher: Entrepreneur Media Inc
Studio: Entrepreneur Media Inc
SubscriptionLength: 365
Price: $5.00

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Product Description

Entrepreneur magazine is for businesses owners, offering inspiration and information on marketing, management, technology, the latest trends and strategies.

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Ideas and innovations come to the forefront in every issue of Entrepreneur magazine. Aimed at business owners and influential decision makers, the magazine covers the people, places, and concepts that up-and-coming successful individuals need to know about.

From brilliant companies to inspiring leaders, Entrepreneur magazine profiles the best in the business world. Learn the tips and tricks of people who have already achieved success, and get inspired to try new things in your own business endeavors. Individual issues also profile specific groups, such as female business leaders and young entrepreneurs, offering insights into the challenges that such individuals will likely face.

Entrepreneur magazine identifies trends and opportunities that are just starting to take off, so readers get the inside scoop first. Topics include marketing, management, technological advances, and more, offering a wealth of information about multiple aspects of business operations. From branding your products to navigating the maze of employee benefits, each issue provides information about running a business that will help you get started quickly. Franchise articles and reviews can help you decide whether this type of venture is a viable option for you, and product reviews will help you choose the right equipment for your home office or small office. Regular articles on business travel, lifestyle tips, personal finance, and must-have technology round out each month's content.

Whether you're a current CEO of your own small enterprise or a new graduate just starting out, Entrepreneur magazine helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the business world so you can achieve success.

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